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Hi! I’m Kati and I love to create!

I’ve been doing some type of art, crafts, or making my whole life. Now I am using all my crafty goodness to create beautiful home decor.

You may know me from my other website, Houseful of Handmade, where I started sharing all the DIYs I created for our home. But then I brought all my craft projects to this new site to make it easier to find them among the bigger home DIYs.

I’ve always been a creative person, my mother was that creative mom before the internet and Pinterest. We always had handmade Halloween costumes, green pancakes for St. Patrick’s Day, and a month of activities leading up to Christmas.

My creative journey started in high school where I discovered a love for watercolor painting. Then I went to school for Fashion Design and fell in love with pattern making and fashion sketching. I was a seasoned seamstress because of the years I spent in 4H and learning to sew from, you guessed it, mom!

My love of fashion took me into retail where I spent years as a Regional Manager for a clothing company. I did enjoy my job, but I was spending my time managing not creating. 

When we started our family, we made it a goal to work towards me being a stay-at-home mom and the summer before my little girl turned 2, we were able to take the plunge. 

After I quit my job I turned to the internet to fuel my creativity. I had always wanted to learn how to use Illustrator and be able to create digitally, but until recently I was struggling to figure it out. 

I took a Creative Live class by Bonnie Christine of Going Home to Roost and she changed by life! After a few hours, I was creating in Illustrator where I’d never been able to before, then after the course was completed, I was so inspired to jump into my creative journey and run head on into what might come next for me. So here I am!

If you love to create too, let’s be friends and craft together!

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