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Free Digital Backgrounds for December

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Bring Christmas cheer to your screens with these free digital wallpapers for December.

The house is all decorated and ready for the holidays, but I don’t stop there! I love adding some festive touches to my computer and phone too. So I created these Christmas themed free digital backgrounds for December. Now no matter where I am, there is a little Christmas cheer with me.

I have really been loving vintage style Christmas decor this year. It’s so great to bring in a little whimsy for the kids and all the Christmas memories I have from my childhood. Maybe it all started with these printable Christmas signs, but I want even more retro inspired decor.

White iPhone with Christmas tree pattern on the back for the free digital wallpaper.

When I started designing a Christmas themed print for this month’s digital backgrounds, I knew I wanted a hint of that. These easy Christmas trees are made retro with some fun half-tone Procreate brushes I got from Creative Market. And while I don’t get a lot of time to draw and design on my iPad, I love trying new things when I work on new patterns for the digital backgrounds.

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iMac computer with Christmas pattern free digital backgrounds for December on it.

So I took some much needed down time, away from the freezing cold garage (I think I need a bigger space heater), away from all the Christmas paper decor creating, and just had some fun drawing.

I started with a retro color palette. One of the things I love about retro or vintage art is the bright colors. Even when they are worn and aged the bold colors stand out. And I love the combination of turquoises with a vibrant red for Christmas. So armed with a fun color palette I started playing around.

iPhone with free digital background for December with a December calendar.

The first few ideas didn’t really work, but that is the fun of creating. It’s a process of trying, tweaking, trying, changing, and so on. And the end result sometimes looks like the original idea. Or in this case, is completely different! But either way it was fun and relaxing day off from DIYs.

Free Christmas digital wallpaper on the computer screen.

I hope you enjoy the retro inspired Christmas trees as the free digital backgrounds for December. As always, they come with a calendar or without. Click on the link or links below for the digital wallpapers you want.



Happy December!

Share the fun!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.