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Free Digital Wallpaper for June

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Decorate your phone and computer for summer with the free digital wallpaper for June.

The kids are out of school and the weather is warming up… it must be summer!

This summer we have big plans to enjoy lots of lake days and do a whole lot of relaxing. It was great inspiration for this month’s digital backgrounds.

So I took inspiration from the vintage inspired tropical sunset wallpaper I made for summer digital wallpapers a couple years ago. But this time I made vintage inspired lake art for the backgrounds!

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Lake art digital background with yellow sky and setting sun behind teal mountains and a pale lake in the front on a phone screen.

Lake Inspired Art

Our new favorite place to be is sitting at our DIY fire pit looking out over the lake. Whether we are enjoying a warm summer day, or even a a cool morning or evening, we are content just watching the water and occasional wildlife that comes by.

There is just something peaceful about being at the water. The sound of the soft waves as the wind blows the water. The occasional boat. The splash of jumping fish.

And in the summer we also love the squeals of laughter from the kids as they splash and play all day long! Rosy cheeks and wrinkled fingers are a badge of a good day.

Desktop computer on a desk in front of a plant with the June digital wallpaper on the screen.

So I was sad to see that I don’t have a digital wallpaper that shares our love for the lake life. But not anymore!

This vintage inspired lake art is a beautiful lake sunset. As the sky is starting to turn golden for the evening and you can see it reflected on the water.

And of course, there is a dock to jump or fish off. The perfect way to cool off on warm nights. It’s a picture perfect way to enjoy your summer.

White iPhone with a vintage inspired lake sunset digital wallpaper on the home screen sitting on a sketchpad.

Download the Digital Backgrounds

If you want to decorate your phone and computer for a relaxing summer too, click on the link (or links) below for the digital wallpaper you want.



iMac computer on a monitor stand with the lake art digital background on the screen.

Or if you have a different favorite picture for your wallpaper, don’t worry! You can can still have the handy current month’s calendar on any of the digital wallpapers from the past. See how to add a calendar to a digital wallpaper with the instructions in this post.

Download the current month’s calendar below:


Happy June!

Share the fun!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.