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Simple Mantel Decor for Spring

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This simple mantel decor for spring uses soft colors and florals to brighten up your decor.

A few simple touches can transform a neutral mantel into a spring centerpiece for the home.

Get ready for warmer weather with this simple mantel decor for spring. I am excited to share our easy spring fireplace decor as part of the Decorate your Mantel Spring edition.

pink and white flowers with text overlay

Even if spring has not come to your town, you can bring a little spring inside with these easy decorating tips. And there is lots of beautiful spring decorating inspiration with all the other spring mantels shared at the bottom of the post.

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fireplace mantel decorated for spring with hoop wreaths

I am not going to lie, I had a really hard time figuring out my mantel decor for spring.

Maybe it’s because it is cold and snowy right now and I just want to curl up in a warm blanket and bing watch something. Maybe it’s because I have been spending all my time planning out kitchen remodel for next month and really just want to take a hammer to the wall already. Maybe it’s because daylight savings has done a number on me this week and I really need a nap!

Whatever it is, I decided I would focus on a simple mantel for spring, but it totally worked in my favor.

3 hoop wreaths on mirror above spring mantel with plant

Sometimes overthinking your decor can cause you to overdecorate. I kept trying to throw more at the mantel, but nothing was working. So instead, I simplified. Instead of adding things to make it work, I took things away.

Now our simple spring mantel is perfect. I love to be more minimalist in our decor. The empty space feels so clean to me. And spring is all about clean. A new start! And that is just what our beautiful (but simple) spring mantel decor is.

large mirror with 3 spring hoop wreaths over mantel

I knew I wanted to add some color to the mantel. I love neutrals for our winter mantel, but I was desperately missing my pop of color.

Of course, the easiest place to get color for spring is with flowers! Using some faux flowers I had on hand from last year, I created three simple embroidery hoops wreaths.

I used floral tape to attach the flowers to the embroidery hoops so nothing is permanent. I can pull off these flowers and change things up whenever I want.

3 spring hoop wreaths on mirror over mantel

Instead of removing the large gray rustic mirror from over our fireplace mantel, I decided to just brighten it up by hanging the floral embroidery hoop wreaths over it. It adds even more color by reflecting the wreaths back.

It also means I do not need to worry about storing the mirror until I am ready to use it again. I really hate storing large decor pieces, but I know I do not want to get rid of this beautiful mirror.

fireplace mantel decorated for spring with spring hoop wreaths

Then I added a bit of spring to the mantel with some faux grass in a colorful pot (thanks to the miracle of spray paint), a faux succulent (fake plants is the only way they stay alive at my house), and a sweet little birds nest.

The birds nest was a gift from my mom when she was cleaning up some trees. This nest was abandoned and instead of trashing it, she preserved it for me. The sweet little nest is the perfect mantel decor for spring.

plant in on on books with nest on spring mantel

I felt like I needed a bit more spring on my mantel. It was feeling a little blah! I tried so many different decor pieces, but they made things looked forced and cluttered. Then I remembered these wooden eggs I bought in the Target Dollar Spot.

I had plans to turn them into Easter eggs for decor, but with Easter just a couple weeks away, I am pretty sure it will not happen. Instead, I sprinkled the eggs around the mantel and placed the half empty cardboard carton on top of the vintage kitchen scale.

vintage scale with egg holder on top of spring mantel

Those little touches were exactly what I needed tony mantel into a beautiful, but simple, mantel for spring. 

And for more mantel decor for spring, make sure to check out the other posts below.

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Happy Decorating!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.