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7 Bee SVG Files for Vinyl and Crafts

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Create fun crafts with these amazing bee SVG files.

Spring is right around the corner. If you are like me, you are ready to say goodbye to winter decor and start adding touches of spring. And what better way to do that than with some crafts made using these bee SVG files.

Seeing bees is a sign that spring is close. And those buzzy little bugs makes me eager for all the flowers and gardens to come.

So I created some fun bee cut files to start your spring crafts. Even if the bees are not buzzing where you live yet, you can create some spring decor with a pretty bee.

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Bumble bee SVG with honeycomb on a white coffee mug sitting on a desk.

I couldn’t just stop at 1 bee design to share either. I figured, you need options.

So whether you need your bee to be all in one piece (great for vinyl crafts) or in individual sections (perfect for making a stencil), I have you covered. There are 4 different variation of the bumble bee SVG.

Then I also decided to add some matching SVGs to go along with your spring bees! Use these SVF files with your Silhouette Cameo Or Cricut Maker. The crafting possibilities are endless.

Four bee SVG files with a honeycomb, queen bee SVG, and flower SVG to match.

Honey Bee SVG

The classic honeycomb shape is one of my favorites to use in crafts. So I knew I needed to use it with the bee SVG.

This simple honeycomb and bee design is a very versatile design that you can use anywhere. I love using the design on anything or anywhere that needs a little touch of spring.

Canvas bag with bee SVG over honeycomb pattern in the front hanging on a wreath.

Here are some of my favorites ideas to use this cut file:

  • Create a farmhouse sign for your mantle.
  • Add to the front of a tee shirt.
  • Use in on a gardening apron.
  • Create a bag for spring days outside.
  • Stencil it on some DIY tea towels.

But don’t stop there. Have fun moving the honeycomb pieces around to create your own beehive and using one of the other bee SVGs.

Honey bee SVG design on the front of a tea towel.

Queen Bee SVG

Everyone should be the queen of their own hive! So why not make sure people know it 😉

I had so much fun designing the Queen Bee SVG. Of course, the famous honeycomb pattern had to be included. But then I had some fun with the text.

Farmhouse wood sign with Queen Bee SVG on it in a honeycomb pattern.

Instead of just the words: “Queen Bee”. The word Queen is cut out of the honeycomb. It is like the bee carved it out himself. Then the fun bee SVG is added to the end.

You can use any of the 4 different bee variation you want to create your own Queen bee decor, shirts, or more!

Canvas bag with Queen Bee SVG on the front in a honeycomb pattern.

Bee with Flowers

Of course, it is not a spring bee if there are no spring flowers! So of course I knew I needed a flower SVG to go along with the bee SVG.

This flower design is one I created from a picture of one of the first tulips that came up in my garden a few years ago. There was even snow around the flower!

Even if these flowers don’t look like traditional tulips anymore (I took some artistic license), they are still a fun combination with the bee.

Three flowers and a bee cut file on a white mug sitting by greenery.

Download the Bee SVG Files

I am sharing the SVG files for these bees for free in my subscriber library until 02/20/2022, then they will move to the shop.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.