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Fall Digital Wallpaper for November

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Decorate your screens for fall with this acorn and leaves digital background.

It’s November! And that means no matter where you live, there are probably notes of fall all around.

Here in Texas we are starting to see the leaves turn and fall. Plus the mornings are cool and crisp.

These wonderful fall vibes were the perfect inspiration for this month’s free digital wallpaper.

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White iPhone with fall digital wallpaper on the screen sitting on a planner.

Acorns and Fall Leaves

Our property is full of oak trees. So walking around in the fall there are leaves and acorns everywhere!

It’s the perfect inspiration for this month’s digital pattern. Nothing says fall like crunching leaves and acorns below your feet.

Desk with iMac sitting on a monitor stand and a fall digital pattern on the background.

Since there are acorns, there had to be oak leaves. Transforming from green to yellows and browns (they are not the ones to turn vibrant colors).

But I needed some fun color for the digital background, so I added a sprinkling of vibrant maple leaves. Then I used those vibrant, not-so-traditional, fall colors as the acorns too.

It made a beautiful design for the warmth of November.

Gray and white blanket with smartphone with acorn and fall leaves pattern as the wallpaper.

Download the Digital Backgrounds

If you want to decorate your phone and computer for fall too, click on the link (or links) below for the digital wallpaper you want.



Fall digital wallpaper on the screen of a desktop computer sitting on a monitor riser on a wood desk.

Or if you want a different fall picture for your wallpaper, don’t worry! You can can still have the handy current month’s calendar on any of the digital wallpapers from the past. See how to add a calendar to a digital wallpaper with the instructions in this post.

Download the current month’s calendar below:


Happy November!

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Thursday 19th of January 2023

Will you be continuing these wallpapers this year?

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