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Haunted House Halloween Lantern from Paper

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Add an eerie glow to you Halloween decor with this paper haunted house lantern.

I love decorating for Halloween. And I have already made paper Halloween lanterns, but not one that looks like a haunted house!

I picture this haunted house lantern as the starting point for a whole haunted village. All made out of paper. I’ll have to work on that for next year!

But until then, I hope you love this fun paper Halloween lantern.

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Gray and black paper Halloween lantern that looks like a haunted house on a table next to pumpkins.

Paper Haunted House Decor

Using paper to create seasonal decor is the best! It is inexpensive and the possibilities are endless.

This haunted house is made out of just 3 sheets of cardstock paper and 2 pieces of colored vellum. The vellum is not necessary, but adds to the eerie glow of the haunted house.

Front of the haunted house lantern with a monster face on the front door in dim light with a candle glow inside.

This house is different from other houses because it is a run-down house full of haunts. The lantern is asymmetrical so it looks like it is leaning on it’s foundation.

Each of the windows is filled with a haunted surprise. Some are full of spiderwebs, others have ghosts. Plus the shutters look old and worn-down.

But I think my favorite is the face on the front of the door. It makes the whole haunted house look alive! No one will be trick-or-treating at this door.

Looking down on the haunted house paper lantern with bats cut out of the roof.

Paper Halloween Lanterns

Decorating with paper lanterns is fun. There are so many places you can use these inexpensive paper home decor pieces.

  • Place a few on your mantel.
  • Add them in bookcase.
  • Make a table centerpiece with them.
  • Create a vignette with some on a shelf or side table.
  • Place them on a tray on a coffee table.
  • Add them to a tiered serving tray on your kitchen island.

The possibilities are endless! So of course I can’t just share one paper lantern style.

Side view of the haunted house paper halloween lantern.

Instead I like to create new ones every year so you can keep sprinkling them throughout your home decor. Here are some more paper Halloween lanterns to keep your home fully decorated this year on a budget:

Spiderweb halloween lanterns made from paper on a coffee table with creepy cloth under them as Halloween decor.

How to Make a Paper Haunted House Lantern


Cut out the pieces

Using the template, cut out all the house pieces along the solid lines from the cardstock. Use any colors you want. To keep it spooky, I used dark gray for the house and black for the roof.

Cut out the inner pieces from the colored vellum. I used yellow to give the inside an eerie glow.

Expert Tip:
When using an electronic cutting machine, do not remove the paper from the cutting mat or it will curl. Instead, flip the mat over and pull it off the back of the paper to keep your paper flat.

All the pieces cut out for the paper Halloween lantern.

Attach the vellum

Flip the pieces over and attach the vellum to the back to cover all the openings. Make sure the vellum does not cover the dotted lines.

I originally used a school glue stick to attach the vellum, but the moisture in it warped the paper and the vellum didn’t stick very well.

Instead, the hot glue worked great. Just apply the glue to a small section at a time so it does not cool before you attach the vellum.

The back of the haunted house pieces with yellow vellum glued to them.

Assemble the lantern

Fold along all the dotted lines.

Expert Tip:
Before assembly, always fold all the dotted lines flat. This will give your sharp, clean corners on your assembled paper craft.

the pieces with vellum attached folded along all the dotted lines.

Start assembly by glueing the tabs on the sides of the house to the front/back. Secure with hot glue.

Next, add hot glue to the flaps on half the roof. Secure half of the roof to it.

Then lift the un-attached side and add hot glue. Press it flat to secure.

The haunted house assembled with the roof glued to the top.

Fold the chimney into a square and secure the tab with hot glue.

Then place hot glue on the inside of the tabs for the chimney topper. Insert the chimney into it and use your finger to press the tabs to the inside to secure.

Glueing the chimney together and attaching the chimney topper.

Add hot glue to the bottom tabs of the assembled chimney and attach to the top of the roof wherever you want it.

The chimney glued to the roof of the haunted house paper lantern.

Now your haunted house Halloween lantern is all done! Place a tea light inside it and have fun decorating your home for Halloween.

I made a simple vignette on my console table with faux pumpkins and these Jack-o-Lantern Halloween signs. It’s fun and simple.

I love easy decorating!

Halloween vignette on a console table with a haunted house halloween lantern, fake pumpkins, and three wood framed signs with jack-o-lantern faces on them.

Where are you going to decorate with your Halloween paper lantern?

Happy crafting!

Share the fun!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.