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Printable Tropical Sunset Art

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Decorate your home with this beautiful printable tropical sunset art.

One of the things I love about summer decorating is the bold tropical art. It makes me feel like I am on vacation everyday! And this tropical art is not different. 

After painting our kids picnic table makeover, I knew I didn’t want to say goodbye to my favorite tropical sunset. So first I made it into a digital wallpaper for your phone and computer. Then I decided it also needed to be made into printable wall art too.

This tropical sunset art was made to look like retro beach art with it’s bold colors and Art Deco inspired sunset. Then it also got a vintage texture to make it look like you rescued it from your mom’s attic. I just love the effect it gave it.

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Retro beach art of a sunset with palm trees and bold colors.

How to Use your Tropical Palm Tree Art

Decorating your home with printable art is super easy! And it’s the most budget friendly way to decorate your home each season. Here are my top 5 ways to decorate with printables.

  1. Hang a few frames with mats (but no glass) so you can quickly add new printable art each season. No need to take the frames off the wall and no glare from the glass!
  2. Use wooden pant hangers to easily hang printable art on the wall. You can even remove the metal arc on the top and hang the hangers from the wood for a more finished look.
  3. Build a simple clipboard picture frame to sit on shelves or hang on the wall. Then quickly clip new printable art on it whenever you want!
  4. Print your art on a piece of cardstock and then glue on a second piece for added strength. Now you have a thick art print that can be placed on shelves, a mantel, or hung without a frame.
  5. Turn your printable into the easiest wood sign ever with just a few simple tools. Put your wood sign anywhere you need a little tropical sunset to help you relax!
Two tropical sunset art prints in black frames hanging on the wall.

Where to Print Printable Art?

One of the best things about printable art, is you can print them at home on your home printer! The retro palm tree art is an 8 1/2″ x11 PDF with an 8×10 art print on it. This will make it easy to fit in any 8×10 picture frames. 

If you do not have a home printer, you can upload a PDF to any local print shop to print. And 1 color page is usually just a couple dollars. 

If you want a glossy print or a larger print, you can purchase the JPEG files in the shop that can be printed at any photo printing store in sizes scaled up to 16×20. 

Horizontal tropical art with 2 palm trees looking over the ocean sunset.

Download the tropical art today!

I am sharing the 8×10 PDF of the 2 tropical sunset art prints in my subscriber library until 08/22/2019, then they will move to the shop. Click here to subscribe to my newsletter and gain access to all the freebies. If you already have your password, click here to download them.

If you want a larger print of the tropical sunset, you can purchase them in the shop here. The purchased files come with JPEG files in 8×10, 11×14 and 16×20 that can be printed at your local photo shop for glossy or larger prints.

Printable retro beach art with palm trees looking over an ocean sunset.

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Create the perfect island decor with these Hawaiian inspired designs. This tropical wall decor is perfect for creating a tropical oasis.

Share the fun!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.