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Pumpkin Patch Sign for Fall

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It’s fall… and that means time to make the perfect pumpkin patch sign!

Even with temperatures hitting 100 most of the week, the fall decor bug has bit. I have been so excited to fill our home with all things pumpkin and a pumpkin patch sign was at the top of my to-do list.

This year I am going all in with the pumpkin decor. There is just something about it that is speaking to me.

Maybe it’s wishful thinking that the cooler temps of fall are coming…

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Maybe it’s because I wanted to design a cute wood wheelbarrow and it just looked better full of pumpkins and fall goodies…

Whatever the reason, I am glad I gave in and designed my new favorite fall wood sign!

Mantel with fall decoration on it: a wood pumpkin patch sign, pumpkin, acorn, mirror, and fall leaves.

This new pumpkin patch sign is the start of our fall mantel. It’ll be the perfect way to bring all the pumpkin goodness I have planned together.

But if you are not wanting a pumpkin patch in your home, I totally understand. Fall is about more than just those orange gourds. So I designed 4 different Farm Fresh fall signs to give you all the options. 

You can make your own fall wood sign to celebrate any of the amazing goodies of fall, like apples, peaches, and corn on the cob!

Four fall wood signs: one with pumpkins, one with apples, one with peaches, and one with corn on the cob.

Get all the details to make your own pumpkin patch or other fall sign below.

How to Make Fall Wood Signs


  • Circular saw with guide track or table saw
  • Miter saw
  • Nail gun with 1 1/4″ finishing nails


Cutting the Wood

Use the table saw or circular saw with a guide track to easily cut your plywood. It needs to be nice and square to get a neat and professional square fall sign.

From the 1×2 board, cut 2 pieces 24″ long and 2 pieces 13 1/2″ long.

If you want the frame of your wood sign a different color, you will want to paint/stain before assembly to make it easier. 

Piece of 1x2 and plywood cut and painted for the fall wood signs.

Assembling the Wood Sign

To attach the frame to the plywood sign, add some wood glue to one of the 24″ long edge of the plywood. Line up a 24″ long frame piece so it is flush with the sides and the back. Attach with wood glue and 1 1/4″ long finishing nails.

Repeat on the other 24″ long side. 

Attaching the long frame sides of the wood sign to the plywood.

Next repeat on the shorter sides with the 13 1/2″ frame pieces. Make sure to add glue to the edge of the plywood and the edge of the attached frame when adding these frame pieces. 

Attaching the side frame pieces of the wood sign with finishing nails.

Now you are ready to add the pumpkin patch sign decal to your new wood sign!

Attaching the Vinyl Design

Open the SVG cut file in your electronic cutter software. Ungroup and move the colored parts to another work piece so you can cut them separately.

Cut all the black pieces from your 12″ x 24″ piece of vinyl.

Because vinyl is inexpensive, I like to just leave the design as laid out for the sign instead of moving things closer together to save vinyl. Then I can cut out any large sections of unused vinyl to save for another project without messing up the layout.

Black vinyl cut out with the pumpkin patch sign design and orange vinyl in the vinyl cutter.

Cut out the colored parts from the smaller vinyl. I had to turn the word pumpkins diagonally to get it to fit on a 12×12 square.

Weed out the extra parts of the vinyl with a weeding hook. I also like to use a sewing pin to remove tiny bits of detail from the design (especially on the wheelbarrow). 

Wood wheelbarrow SVG weeded of excess vinyl and full farm fresh pumpkin design weeded.

Place a piece of transfer tape over the weeded design. Just work with the larger black design to start. 

To make sure it is placed properly on your wood sign, cut around any excess of the design so it fits into the sign area. Also, make sure the top is perfectly straight so you can line it up with the top of the sign. 

Fall sign design cut out of black vinyl and placed on the wood sign to check for fit.

Remove the transfer tape with the vinyl attached and center it on your wood sign. Use your hands to press it down, starting in the center and working out.

Then switch to a vinyl scraper to get the design fully adhered with no bubbles. 

Remove the transfer tape carefully. If the vinyl starts to pull up at all, scrape it down a bit more before removing the transfer tape. 

Using a vinyl scraper to adhere the black vinyl wheelbarrow of the fall sign.

Once the black vinyl sign is attached, use the transfer tape to place the colored vinyl on your sign. Make sure to take the time to line things up carefully.

Pumpkins cut out of vinyl lined up in the wheelbarrow design with transfer tape.

Use the vinyl scraper to make sure the colored vinyl is secure and remove the transfer tape.

Word pumpkins being attached to the pumpkin patch sign with a vinyl scraper.

It’s now time to decorate with your new pumpkin patch fall sign! 

Angled view of a mantel decorated for fall with a fall wood sign and snake plant in the foreground.

And don’t forget about the other 3 designs perfect for fall. You can purchase them in the shop and start decorating even before the weather cools off. 

Maybe if we all decorate for fall, it will come. 

Share the fun!

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Tuesday 10th of September 2019

Sign is so cute. I am pumpkins and pickup trucks this autumn.


Friday 20th of September 2019

I love pumpkins and pickups too!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.