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Filigree Punched Ceramic Pumpkin Knockoff

This beautiful filigree punched ceramic pumpkin knockoff is the perfect fall decor. Upcycle inexpensive glass pumpkins into high end decorations. When you are decorating on a budget, upcycling inexpensive items can be a lifesaver. Turn a cheap glass pumpkin dish into a high end inspired filigree punched ceramic pumpkin knockoff. This easy craft is so …

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Easy Rustic Pumpkins from Dollar Store Pumpkins

Decorate for fall and Thanksgiving with this fun dollar store pumpkin craft. This simple centerpiece started with this simple wood and steel serving tray. And looking through my craft supplies, I found a few orange carveable pumpkins you can find at the dollar store before Halloween. But they did not work with the rustic look I …

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Printable Thanksgiving Art

Decorate your home for Thanksgiving with these fall Be Thankful and Give Thanks printable signs. The printable art is the perfect way to remind yourself to give thanks this holiday season. Use it to decorate in a frame, on a mantel, or make these easy wood signs from them. I am really loving the leaves …

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