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The Cutest Printable Bunny Art

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This cute printable bunny art is the perfect Easter printable or to add cuteness anytime of year!

This year I am very grateful Easter is later in the year. By the time I start thinking about Easter, it’s about a week away. Whoops!

But not this year, April hit and I realized I needed to decorate for Easter. A quick Google search (I can never remember how to figure out when Easter is) and I realized I had plenty of time to make the cutest printable bunny art to decorate. 

Printable bunny art in a frame in front of a vase of eucalyptus.

Printable art is the best option for decorating for the holidays. It is inexpensive, and can quickly be changed out. I love using printables and just shared these fun birdhouse build plan art prints for spring. 

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And while I am loving birdhouses for decor this year, I needed bunnies too! Who doesn’t love a cute bunny face?

Line of potted plants with a picture of bunny art in a frame.

So I set to work with my new favorite art medium, my iPad and iPencil. It’s so fun to paint and draw while relaxing on my bed. Some watercolor, some pencil, some ink, I just layered till I had the cutest bunny art ever. 

Fun Ways to Use Bunny Art:

That little furry face is perfect Easter printable for the mantel. But even better, I kept it simple so you can use this printable bunny picture any time of year. Here are some ideas for how to use this cute bunny print:

  • Place on an open shelf to add Easter decor to a kitchen
  • Use as decor on a spring mantel 
  • Decorate a nursery with this cute bunny in a frame
  • Add to a gallery wall for spring
  • Use as wall decor in a playroom or kids room
Easter printable of a bunny face drawn on a green watercolor background.

This cute bunny art is perfect for my Easter decor. I cannot wait to finish (aka, start) decorating! And if you are looking for more printables for Easter, check out these printable bunny easter baskets and printable egg shaped boxes

The printable bunny art was free to my subscribers until 4/14/2019. Now it is available to purchase in the shop. Make sure to subscribe so you will be notified of new freebies.

Watercolor and pen bunny art in a frame.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.