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3D Heart Valentine

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Make an adorable 3D heart Valentine with this printable pattern.

Today I am having second thoughts about remodeling the basement by adding a bedroom! I have spent the entire day today and yesterday trying to get all the drywall mudded.

My feet hurt. I thought having a timeline would be good because we tend to drag on remodels to ridiculous levels (aka, the master bathroom remodel that is going on 8 years now).

But after spending every waking hour this week working hard, I just want to curl up with my glue gun and do something that is not remodeling! So today I am sharing a fun and easy 3D heart Valentine with you.

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little girl holding a 3d pink heart valentne

Valentine’s Day is pretty chill at our house. My husband refuses to fall into the commercialization of the holiday (his words, not mine).

So instead of buying gifts for each other, we have a fun family day and we give the kids fun little gifts.

Last year they each got a pair of new shoes for spring, this year I made these cute little 3D heart valentines to fill with some little goodies.

3D paper heart being held up against the chest where the heart is by a child.

I also want to make a bunch of these 3D paper hearts for some simple Valentine’s Day decorations.

How cute would these be made out of metallic cardstock and strung on a string across the mantle?

Or make a bunch to fill a bowl on the coffee table. I just haven’t had a chance to make lots more in and around the drywall and remodeling.

But things have to be ready for paint by the end of the week so hopefully next week I will have a whole lot more time to create.

Child hand holding a pink DIY 3D heart valentine.

Need a bigger heart box? Check out this DIY heart box for chocolates or gifts.

How to Make a 3D Paper Heart

I am sharing the free printable PDF template for the paper heart valentine in my Subscriber Library.

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Cut out the Template

Print the template on a piece of cardstock. You will be get 2 hearts on each 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet of cardstock. After the heart is folded, the cut and fold lines will be on the inside of the heart.

Cut out the hearts along all the solid lines.

3D heart template cut out of pink cardstock on a craft table with a pair of scissors.

Score the piece across all the dotted lines. Scoring the fold lines first will give you clean crisp folds.

You can score the lines with a paper cutter fitted with a scoring blade, or even just use a ruler and a hard thin object like a nail file.

Scoring the dotted lines of the heart template with a paper scorer.

Fold the 3D Heart

Fold along all the dotted lines so the lines are on the insides of the folds except for the top center of the heart.

For the top center, press the outside corners of the heart together and the center will fold in on itself.

3D heart folded so the template lines are on the inside before folding.

Glue together the Heart

Start by glueing the long side flap. I love using hot glue to secure my paper crafts because it dries fast and holds strong. 

Glueing the side flap of the paper heart with hot glue.

Next glue the flap on the under side of the top part to create a dart in the front and back of the 3D heart.

Glueing the front flaps on the 3d paper heart.

The glue the top side flaps.

Glueing the final flap on the top closed.

Now you can fill your 3D paper heart boxes with any goodies you want. To close it all up, you will press the tab into the slot on the very top of the heart.

Closing the top of the 3D heart with the flaps.

Now all that is left is to give it to someone special. They are going to love their little heart.

I know my daughter is so excited for her’s already. Too bad I’m so mean and making her wait for a few more weeks!

Little girl holding a 3D paper heart made out of pink cardstock in her hands.

And now I am going to go to sleep so I can get up and remodel a bit more tomorrow. I keep telling myself it will be worth it, I really hope it is!

Share the fun!

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Erlene Amat

Wednesday 25th of January 2017

These are so cute and would be so fun to fill with small treats. Thanks for sharing this on Merry Monday.


Monday 6th of February 2017

Thanks Erlene! They are perfect for filling with little treats.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.