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Free Digital Wallpaper for April

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Celebrate the start of spring with the free digital wallpaper for April.

I hope April is welcoming you with warm spring arms! This month our April is way warmer than last year…

Because we moved to Texas!

Last weekend we loaded up most of our home into pods and my shop in a trailer and trekked across 4 states to our new home. I cannot wait to share it all with you soon.

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And even though it is 90 degrees at our new place today (crazy I know!), I am still thinking of the traditional spring I was use to in Utah. When we left, the only flowers popping through the ground were daffodils.

White iPhone with watercolor daffodils pattern as the digital wallpaper on the home screen.

Beautiful Spring Flowers

Even if the weather is still cold, and the ground mostly frozen, those spring daffodils would be poking through the ground. Reminding us that spring is coming.

Since those daffodils were always the first flowers of spring, I thought they would be perfect for the April backgrounds.

And the bright yellow color, or softer oranges and corals, are a reminder that the sun is coming… someday.

Desktop computer sitting on a desk with the free digital backgrounds for April on the screen.

So while sitting down for a moment between unpacking and sorting things out, I took the time to sketch out some simple spring daffodils.

Then I turned them into a beautiful pattern with a watercolor background. The colors are my favorite colors from the flowers. Making it the perfect digital wallpaper for spring.

And as always, I made a background for your phone and computer. You can have spring wherever you go!

Plus each background comes with or without the current month’s calendar. You can enjoy these beautiful watercolor daffodils all year long, or just enjoy them for spring.

Smartphone sitting on a white desk with free digital wallpaper on the screen.

Download the Digital Backgrounds

If you want to bring some pretty spring flowers to your electronics, click on the link (or links) below for the backgrounds you want.



iMac computer with spring digital wallpaper of daffodil print on the background.

But if daffodils are not your flower of choice, you can always use one of the other digital wallpapers from the past. And you don’t even have to give up on the handy little calendar. Now you can add a calendar to a digital wallpaper with the instructions in this post.

Download the current month’s calendar below:


And now I am off to try to settle in some more. Enjoy your spring and stay tuned for more fun project!

Share the fun!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.