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Free Digital Wallpaper for September

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Decorate your screens for fall with this pumpkin digital wallpaper!

Normally I do not go all-pumpkin-all-the-time in September. But this year, the pumpkins are speaking to me!

With the weather starting to feel like fall, we have already baked pumpkin cookies, so it just made sense to lean into the pumpkin theme. And that is exactly what I did for this month’s free digital backgrounds.

White iPhone with retro pumpkin pattern digital wallpaper on the screen.

For this pumpkin pattern, I was inspired by some retro travel posters. The bold shading and vintaged textures were perfect for pumpkin shapes!

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It turned basic pumpkin and gourd silhouettes into a very cool design.

Then I paired traditional pumpkin colors with a really pretty gray-blue. I love the non-traditional fall color mixed with yellows and oranges.

Desktop computer on a monitor stand with free digital wallpaper for September on the screen.

Now I am ready for even more pumpkin fun! Which is a good thing because tomorrow I am starting the much loved 5 Days of Pumpkin Crafts series.

Every day this week I will share new pumpkin crafts for adults to get your home decorated for fall, just like your screens are now!

Download the Digital Backgrounds

If you want to decorate your phone and computer with retro pumpkins too, click on the link (or links) below for the digital wallpaper you want.



Smartphone sitting on a notebook next to a cup of coffee with free digital background with pumpkin design on the home screen.

Or if you have a different favorite picture for your wallpaper, don’t worry! You can can still have the handy current month’s calendar on any of the digital wallpapers from the past. See how to add a calendar to a digital wallpaper with the instructions in this post.

Download the current month’s calendar below:


iMac computer on a desk with retro pumpkin digital wallpaper on the monitor.

Happy September!

Share the fun!

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Renee Bordelon

Wednesday 7th of September 2022

Hey Kati Love this wallpaper!! Just curious but is that the correct way to spell September?

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.