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Vegetable Seed Packet Art

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Not ready for pumpkin? Decorate with vegetable seed packet art prints instead!

You have been asking and I have (finally) answered! As much as you love the vintage flower seed packet art, vintage inspired herb prints, and Christmas seed packet art printables, you asked for vegetables too.

Well, I am all about the farmers market right now. And my little garden is starting to produce all kinds of goodies. So I figured it was the perfect time to design the printable vegetable seed packet art too!

Vegetable seed packet art of beets, zucchini, tomatoes, and kale on the wood accent wall of the dining room.

Isn’t the dining room the perfect place for some food art?

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In our dining room I have 4 simple white frames with black mats. I have loved displaying all the vintage inspired seed packet art here.

So with fall fast approaching, I have been eager to swap out our dining room art for something perfect for fall and what is more fall than a garden full of vegetables.

Beet, zucchini, tomato and kale vegetable seed packet prints in white frames with black photo mats.

The hardest part was deciding what vegetables I wanted on our vegetable seed packet art. I love planting new and exciting things to try, but I decided to I needed to honor the staples in our summer garden.

Nothing says fall is coming like biting into a red tomato still warm from the afternoon sun.

Or trying to unload piles of zucchini on everyone you know.

Printable vegetable art of beet and zucchini vintage seed packets.

And one of our families favorite garden meals is a roasted beet and kale salad.

So that is where I started with our vegetable seed packets. What vegetables would you have chosen?

Tomato and kale seed packets turned into printable art for the home.

Printable art is the easiest way to update your home for each season. And to make switching out my art even easier, I removed the glass from the frames. It also helps get rid of glare whenever the lights are on or the sun is shining.

I think I might go remove the glass from all my picture frames. I’m liking it so much better (and there’s less cleaning too).

Wood wall with built in dining room bench and 4 vegetable seed packet art prints above it.

Download the Vegetable Printable Art

The vegetable seed packet art prints were free to my subscribers until 4/14/2019. Now they are available to purchase in the shop. Make sure to subscribe so you will be notified of new freebies.

Want more early fall decor ideas?

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Rhonda Davis

Thursday 1st of November 2018

Kati how do I reset my password? Thank you Rhonda


Thursday 1st of November 2018

Hello Rhonda! I include your password at the bottom of the newsletter in case you forget ;)

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