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Easy Wire Pumpkin Wreath

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Decorate your door for fall with this easy to make wire pumpkin wreath.

It’s the second day of the 5 Days of Pumpkin crafts series! Even though it is still almost 100 degrees outside, it is feeling like fall with all the pumpkin crafts.

Today’s pumpkin craft is a new pumpkin shaped wreath for your front door. This wreath is super quick and easy to make.

You will love how fun and fast you can make your own wire pumpkin wreath. You may want to make even more than 1 😉

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Black painted door with wire pumpkin wreath on the front and hooks next to it with a purse and hat on them.

The shape for this wreath is made by twisting wire into a simple pumpkin silhouette. I used bendable craft wire that is strong enough to hold its shape, but really flexible.

I chose a classic pumpkin shape for my wreath, but you could do any size or shape of pumpkin. Just think how cute a gourd or tall pumpkin would be.

You can get some other pumpkin shape ideas from these modern pumpkin SVGs.

Side view of the yarn covered pumpkin wreath on a door.

Once you have decided on the perfect pumpkin shape, you cover the wire frame in chunky chenille yarn.

This is the large yarn you may have seen people arm knitting with to make chunky blankets. The large yarn is perfect for quickly covering the wire frame.

I love that the yarn gives the wire pumpkin wreath a softness to it. And it adds color to the wire.

I used a cream yarn to be the perfect pumpkin for my charcoal colored door. But you could also use orange to contrast a lighter door or add even more fall vibes.

Easy to make wire pumpkin wreath covered in chunky yarn.

5 Days of Pumpkin Crafts

This is the second project for this years pumpkin crafts for adults series. Make sure to check back every day as I share new crafts for you to decorate for fall.

I will update the list below as the new pumpkin crafts go live:

How to Make a Pumpkin Wreath


STEP 1- Create the wire frame

Cut a 56-58″ piece of wire. This wire was easy to cut with a pair of needle nose pliers.

Curve it into an oval with dents in the top and bottom like a pumpkin.

Bending craft wire into pumpkin shape.

Wrap the wire around itself to close it. Pinch with the pliers.

This created an approximately 18″ wide by 15″ tall pumpkin shape. You can make your pumpkin wreath bigger or smaller by using a longer or shorter piece of wire.

Twisting the wire together with needle nose pliers.

Wrap a second piece of wire around the top dent. Curve it toward the bottom dent.

Wrap it around the bottom dent and squeeze with pliers. Then curve it back up toward the top.

Shaping wire lines in the middle of the pumpkin design.

Cut the wire and twist it closed at the top.

This is the completed wire pumpkin frame. It does not have to look perfect and smooth. The yarn will hide imperfections.

Finished wire pumpkin frame laying on a wood table.

STEP 2- Cover wire with yarn

Unroll a 1-2 yard section of yarn and cut it off.

Add some hot glue to the wire in the bottom center and secure one end of the yarn. Then start twisting the yarn around the wire.

Add glue every 4-5 twists, making sure the yarn is snug against the wire but not pulled too tight. You want it to still look fluffy.

Hot glueing cream chenille yarn to the wire pumpkin wreath frame.

Continue wrapping the outside wire piece all the way to the top, hot glueing every 4-5 twists.

Once you get tot he top dent, secure it with glue and then start twisting down the center wire.

When you run out of yarn, secure it to the back of the wire. Cut a new piece of yarn and glue to the other one, then continue twisting the wire.

Most of the wreath frame covered in cream yarn being hot glued down.

The chunk chenille yarn covers the wire frame rather quickly. It only took me 2 pieces of yarn to completely cover the wreath frame.

When you get to the end, hot glue the yarn to the back and then trim off any excess.

Finishing off the wreath by glueing down and cutting the end of the yarn.

Your beautiful wire pumpkin wreath should look something like this! You can bend the wires as needed to adjust the pumpkin shape.

But remember, pumpkins do not grow perfectly symmetrical so it is okay if your pumpkin wreath is not symmetrical too!

Finished wire pumpkin wreath before adding a stem and leaves.

STEP 3- Add stem and leaves

Find a stick in your yard and trim it if needed.

Add hot glue to the end and press it into the top dent of the pumpkin wreath. Reinforce the stem with additional hot glue around the base as needed.

Glueing a piece of a stick to the top of the pumpkin.

Add a silk flower leaf (I think mine came from a peony flower).

It does not matter if it looks just like a pumpkin vine. The green just adds some additional color and texture to the wreath.

Secure it behind the stem with hot glue.

Hot glueing leaves from silk flowers onto the pumpkin wreath.

Cut a small piece of yarn to create a loop to hang your new wreath.

Hot glue it to the back of the wreath to secure.

Creating a loop to hang the wreath with a piece of the cream yarn.

Now all you have to do is hang your new wreath on your door!

I absolutely love the way this one turned out. And I have lots more wire left over to create even more fun wire wreaths… what should I make next?

Entryway with hooks next to a black door with a modern white pumpkin wreath hanging on it.

Happy crafting!

Cream wire pumpkin wreath with stem and leaf hanging on a charcoal front door.

Easy Wire Pumpkin Wreath

Yield: 1 wreath
Active Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $20

Decorate your door for fall with this easy wire pumpkin wreath craft.




  1. Cut a piece of wire and curve into an oval with dents at top and bottom.
  2. Wrap the ends of the wire around itself, pinch with pliers.
  3. Curve a second piece of wire to add pumpkin details.
  4. Secure yarn to bottom of wire frame and twist around frame adding hot glue periodically.
  5. If you reach the end, secure to back and trim off excess. Then glue new piece of yarn and continue wrapping.
  6. Glue stem to top.
  7. Glue faux leaves to stem.

Share the fun!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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