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Tapered Paper Pumpkin Lanterns for Fall

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Decorate your home for fall with these tapered paper lanterns with pumpkin designs.

Are you having fun decorating your home with pumpkins yet? I have been enjoying all the pumpkin crafts so far, but we are not done yet!

Today I am sharing a pumpkin themed paper craft: pumpkin lanterns! These tapered lanterns have a lid and bottom.

I am a big fan of creating fun little lanterns to sprinkle all around the house for the different seasons. Last year I made these 3D pumpkin lanterns and I also love these fall leaf lanterns.

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Orange and taupe paper lantern with pumpkin shapes in the sides.

This year I decided to create a lantern with a taper to it. It give the design a pyramid look which works well nestled around the round pumpkins.

Use these paper lanterns anywhere you want to add some fall touches to your home. I like them on shelves, in bookcase, as a centerpiece and more!

Fall vignette with DIY tapered fall lanterns, hayrides sign, and dish full of small pumpkins on a console table.

The sides of these pumpkin lanterns have a large cutout pumpkin or gourd shape. You can cover the sides with vellum and use a flameless candle to give it a glow.

Or you could cover the sides in clear plastic. Then fill the lanterns with leaves, acorns or fall smelling pot-pourri.

Close up of the gold tapered lantern with a flameless candle inside.

5 Days of Pumpkin Crafts

This project is only Day 3 of the week long series devoted to decorating with pumpkins!

For more pumpkin crafts for adults, check out these other posts. I will update the list as new projects go live.

How to Make a Paper Pumpkin Lantern

Supplies needed:

STEP 1- Cut out the pieces

Each lantern consists of 2 side pieces, a bottom, a lid, and 4 vellum pieces.

Cut the pieces out of cardstock. You can cut them out with the SVG files using an electronic cutting machine or cut them by hand using the PDF files.

Removing one piece of the lantern cut with the Silhouette cameo from the cut mat.

Cut the vellum pieces (4 of each size per lantern) out of vellum paper.

They will allow light through the lanterns but still show the pumpkin shapes.

Cutting vellum pieces on the Silhouette Cameo.

STEP 2- Assemble the lantern

Fold along all the dotted lines.

Fully crease all the lines to get clean edges when assembling your paper crafts.

Add glue to the tab on one of the sides and attach it to the other side piece.

Folding along the dotted lines on the side pieces and glueing them together.

Add glue to one side of the bottom piece.

Line it up with the bottom of one of the sides and press firmly.

If you need extra time to line up your pieces, line them up without glue. Then lift one half up and add glue. Press and life the other other half to add glue.

Folding and glueing the bottom piece to the sides.

Repeat adding glue and securing the base to the bottom of the sides.

Continuing to attach the bottom piece of the lanterns to the sides pieces.

For the last side, you will be adding glue to the bottom piece and the side flap.

Press firmly to fully enclose the lantern.

Glueing the final side and bottom section together to fully assemble the lantern.

Glue the vellum pieces to the inside of the lantern to cover up the opening.

You can do this before you assemble or after. I did one before and one after, the smaller lanterns are easier if you do it before assembly.

Glueing pieces of vellum inside the lantern.

STEP 3- Assemble the lid

Fold along all the dotted lines on the lid.

Start assembling the lid at the top. Add glue to the flaps by the taper and secure to the piece next to it.

First step in glueing up the tapered lantern lid.

Then move down to the sides of the lid.

Add a dot of glue to the flaps and secure to the piece next to it to create a box.

Glueing the sides of the lantern lid.

The underside of the lid is a little trickier.

You will add glue to the flap and tuck it under the other side. Secure the flap.

Glueing the bottom lip of the lid together.

To finish off the lid, add glue to the bottom flaps and press the piece onto it.

Slide it as needed to line up before the glue dries.

Glueing down the bottom flap on the lantern lid.

Now you can place your lid on top of your new paper lantern.

Add a flameless candle to the inside to get a warm glow in the evenings. I can almost smell the pumpkin spice 😉

Three tapered paper lanterns with pumpkin and gourd shapes cut out of the sides.

These cute lanterns are a great way to add some fall vibes to your decor.

Happy Crafting!

Two tapered lanterns with pumpkin cutouts sitting on a shelf next to a decorative pumpkin.

Tapered paper pumpkin lanterns

Yield: 3 lanterns
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Active Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour 15 minutes
Difficulty: Intermediate
Estimated Cost: $10

Decorate your home for fall with these tapered pumpkin lanterns made from paper.




  1. Cut out the cardstock and vellum pieces.
  2. Fold along the dotted lines on the sides and bottom pieces.
  3. Build the base by gluing the sides together at the tabs, then glueing the base to the sides.
  4. Glue the vellum pieces to the inside of the lantern.
  5. Fold along all the dotted lines on the lid.
  6. Glue flaps together to shape the lid piece.
  7. Repeat for all 3 lantern sizes.
  8. Add flameless lantern to light it up.

Share the fun!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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