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Anatomy of a Snowflake Printable Art

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Decorate your home instantly for Christmas or winter with these snowflake art prints.

The theme for this year’s 7 Days of Paper Christmas decor is snowy, ski lodge. So of course I needed lots of snow!

And while I have already created the most beautiful paper snowflake ornaments, I was not done with the snowflakes. I wanted to use them as art too!

So I created snowflake printable art to share! There are 4 different art prints. Use them together to create a statement or use them separately to sprinkle some snowflake decor throughout your home.

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Four pieces of snowflake printable art that look like vintage engineering prints in frames on a wall plant leaves in the foreground.

Snowflake Engineering Prints

I know, you don’t engineer as snowflake. But I love the look of vintage engineering prints so I used that as the design idea for these Christmas printables.

And the best part is, these snowflake art prints are not just for Christmas. They would be the perfect art for all winter!

The vintage engineering print look is not traditional Christmas style. Instead it is sketched lines and text all about 4 real types of snowflakes.

And they are made to look like they were made many years ago. The text is slightly worn and the paper looks aged. Perfect for cozy ski lodge!

Snowflake art print of a sectored plate snowflake with facts about the snow crystals.

I thought about my information loving son when creating these prints and did some research on actual snowflakes. Each print is a sketch of a real snow crystal with the name above it.

Then there are bits of information about each snow crystal around the sketch. I know my son will love reading all the snowflake facts.

And guess what??? The snowflakes I designed for the snowflake ornaments are based on the same 4 real snow crystal shapes. Can you identify each one?

Engineering art print of a fern-like dendrites snow crystal as printable art.

How to Decorate with Printables

Printable art is my favorite way to easily decorate my home.

You can use printables that match the season. Or find ones that match the style of your room and keep them up year round.

Here is a list of some of the ways I love to decorate my home with printable art, including the amazing new snowflake printable art.

  • Place 1 or more prints in frames on your mantle.
  • Create a collage of multiple printables on a wall, with or without frames.
  • Print your art prints on heavy paper to sit on a shelf or bookcase.
  • Hang printables on pant hangers for instant art in any room.
  • Mod podge prints on piece of wood or metal for fancy art pieces to decorate with.
Stellar plates snowflake printable art in a frame on the wall.

7 Days of Paper Christmas Decor

Today is Day 3 of the paper Christmas decor series. This year the theme is all about snow and a cozy ski lodge.

Stay tuned for more amazing paper crafts to decorate and entertain this year. And in case you missed any, check out the whole list of projects below:

Printable snowflake art that looks like a vintage engineering print for a stellar dendrites snow crystal.

Download the Snowflake Printable Art

I am sharing the 8×10 PDF art prints in my subscriber library until 11/25/2021, then they will move to the shop. 

Click here to subscribe to my newsletter and gain access to all the freebies. If you already have your password, click here to go to the library download them.

Four art prints in frames of snowflake engineering style drawings.

Happy decorating!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.