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Easy Paper Snowflake Ornaments Craft

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Decorate your Christmas tree with these beautiful and easy paper snowflake ornaments.

It’s that time of year again…

Time for the 7 Days of Paper Christmas decor series!!!!

Today is the first of 7 new paper crafts to get your home decorated and ready for the Christmas season. I hope you are as excited as I am.

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The first way I always decorate for Christmas is to put up the Christmas tree. So for day 1, let’s craft a beautiful paper Christmas ornament. And these beautiful paper snowflake ornaments are so easy you’ll be decorating for Christmas in no time!

Two 3D snowflake ornaments made from paper hanging on a Christmas tree.

Snowy Christmas Decor

Every year I have a theme to the paper Christmas series. In the past I have done farmhouse, nordic/Scandinavian, and modern. This year’s theme is all about snow.

Maybe it is because I know we won’t have snow here in Texas (at least I hope not again). Or maybe it is because I just love the idea of cuddling up to a fire.

Close up of the paper snowflake ornament with glitter on it on a tree.

So this year I am decorating for Christmas with a snowy ski lodge theme. Expect to see lots of snow decor and cozy plaids.

Easy Paper Snowflakes

These are not the fold and snip snowflakes you made as a kid. Instead, the snowflake designs were created with intention.

These paper snowflakes mimic 4 real snowflake shapes:

  • Stellar plates
  • Sectored plates
  • Stellar dendrites
  • Fern-like dendrites

These 4 snowflake shapes are the most “snowflake” like. So I thought it would be fun to represent each one on the Christmas tree.

Fern-like 3D snowflake made from cardstock hanging on a Christmas tree.

And this paper snowflake craft is still super easy. Instead of cutting it by hand, you can use your Silhouette Cameo or Cricut cutting machine to make quick work of all the snowflake details!

Then you fold the snowflake into a 3D snowflake design. But the secret to these beautiful snowflake ornaments is the spray paint.

A couple light coats of either a glitter or metallic spray paint on the cardstock makes them sparkle. It is hard to see the true sparkle in a photo, but in real life they look like glistening snowflakes on my Christmas tree!

Close up of the glitter painted paper snowflake Christmas ornament.

7 Days of Paper Christmas Decor

Today is just the first day of 7 fun crafts over the next week. Each day until Thanksgiving I will share a new paper Christmas craft!

Make sure to check back tomorrow for the next paper craft. And I will update the list below with all the projects as they publish in case you see this later!

Metallic painted snowflake ornament made out of paper.

How to Make Paper Snowflake Decorations


  • Snowflake ornament template
    • I am sharing the cut files & PDF for these paper Christmas ornaments in my subscriber library until 11/25/2021, then they will move to the shop. Click here to subscribe to my newsletter and gain access to all the freebies. If you already have your password, click here to go to the library download them.
  • Heavy weight cardstock
  • Printer (if not using an electronic cutting machine)
  • Glitter or metallic spray paint
  • Cording/twine/string
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Optional: Electronic cutting machine like a Silhouette Cameo or Cricut Maker
  • Optional: Scoring board

Cut out snowflakes

Either use your electronic cutting machine or scissors to cut out your snowflake templates. There are 4 different designs, 2 on each paper.

Cutting paper snowflakes out with a Silhouette cameo.

Expert Tip:
When removing the paper from the cutting mat, flip it over and pull the map away from the paper. This will prevent the paper from curling.

Fold the snowflakes

Fold along the folded lines.

The lines that go toward the points of the snowflake should be folded toward the front. And the lines that go between the points should be folded toward the back.

Showing how to fold the two seams on the paper snowflake ornaments.

This will create a 3D snowflake effect. You can make them more or less 3D with how much you flatten out the fold.

Folding 3D paper snowflakes out of cardstock.

The heavyweight cardstock was harder to fold along the thin lines, even with the dashed cuts. I used a scoring board to score the lines to make it easier.

Using a scoring board to make folding the snowflakes easier.

Finish the ornaments

You can leave the snowflake ornaments white, but the next step gives them the sparkle!

Use either a glitter or metallic spray paint to give them a light coat of paint.

  • The glitter makes them still look white, but with glitter. Use as much or as little as you like.
  • The metallic makes them look like metal snowflakes. Use a couple light coats to fully cover the white.
Spray painting the snowflake ornaments with glitter or metallic spray paint.

Once the paint is dry, create a loop with some cording, twine or string. Tie a knot at the end.

Use a dot of hot glue to attach the loop to the back of one of the points of your snowflake.

Attaching a loop to the back to hang the snowflakes decorations on the tree.

Now your snowflakes are ready to hang on your Christmas tree.

Completed paper 3D snowflake ornaments sitting on a cutting mat.

I love how the sparkle of the paint shines with the lights.

But even more, I love that it doesn’t have to be below freezing for me to enjoy these beautiful snowflakes!

3D paper snowflake decoration hanging on a Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas and happy crafting!

Share the fun!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.